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*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read before purchasing: This version of our "Classique" clusters are offered at a discounted price due to a variation in curl compared to the original C curl. While the overall style remains the same, these clusters feature a less pronounced curl, leaning more towards a "B" curl. If you prefer a subtle curl, this option may be suitable for you! 

Introducing Volashes' Lash Anatomy Collection; an easy and customizable at-home lash extensions experience that allows you to build your own unique lash style. 

With our clear-banded cluster lashesyou can create your desired lash look that is ultra-light & comfortable.

*Each box comes clusters of the same length

Apply with our Lash Anatomy Secure Bond for a seamless look. It can be removed with ease using our Lash Anatomy Remover. Lash clusters can be re-used and wear up to multiple times with proper care & cleaning.

For detailed steps on application, please click here

Lash Ribbon Material: Faux Mink

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