What is the purpose of the Lash Anatomy Collection?

Our Lash Anatomy Collection is a customizable lash experience that allows you to build your own unique lash style that is seamless and has no visible lash band.

How do I apply my Lash Anatomy lashes?

Our at-home lash extensions system is designed to be applied underneath the natural lashes using our Lash Anatomy Secure Bond. This bond is specifically formulated for an application under the lash line. Apply a light coat of our Lash Anatomy Secure Bond to your natural lashes and carefully apply the Lash Anatomy segments underneath your lashes. For in-depth instructions, read our Lash Anatomy Application Guide

Can I use the Lash Anatomy Secure Bond with other lashes?

Yes! You can use the Lash Anatomy Secure Bond with our other lashes as well. Although you can apply your whole strip lash, we recommend cutting up your strip lash into segments to make it easier. 

Is the bond waterproof?

The Lash Anatomy Secure Bond is water-resistant but it is not completely waterproof. We do not recommend getting the bond completely wet. 

How to wash your lashes while you have the bond and lashes on:

Gently wash around your eye area with a cleanser formulated specifically for lashes, we recommend our Golden Bubbles Lash Bath. Avoid getting the lashes wet. If you have any residue in the lash area that you want to clean, you can use a small brush or a cotton pad to gently clean. 

Can I use make-up while I have the lashes and the bond on?

We do not recommend wearing mascara or eyeliner with the bond and lashes on. However if you plan to have the bond and the lashes on for one day, you can most definitely wear anything you want. Make sure to give your lashes a proper cleaning after wear.

How do I remove my lashes and the bond?

You can remove your lashes and bond with our oil based Lash Anatomy Remover. For in-depth instructions, read the Lash Anatomy Removal Guide

Can I re-use the lashes that I use with the bond?

Yes, you can re-use the lashes if you care and clean for them properly. We recommend cleaning your lashes in-between uses. If you've removed your lashes with an oil based removal product, please make sure to cleanse them to ensure they are free of oil before applying again.

To re-use your Lash Anatomy lashes:

  • Lash cleanser formulated for lashes
  • Isopropanol alcohol

I have sensitive eyes, can I use the Lash Anatomy Collection products?

We always recommend our customers to educate themselves on the ingredients and do a patch test before applying. We take extra pre-cautions to ensure our formulas are non-toxic. However, every individual has different eyes and it may not be suitable for all. 

How to do a patch test:

Method 1

  • Apply a dot of the bond in the lower area behind your ear
  • Wait 24 hours and observe to see if any reaction occurs

Method 2

  • Apply a small amount of the bond on 1-2 lashes at the outer corner of your eye 
  • Wait 24 hours and observe to see if any reactions occurs 

Will these products damage my natural lashes?

With proper application, care and removal, there will be no damage to your natural lashes as these products are meant for temporary wear. Please be advised that our natural lashes are always in an active natural lash cycle. If you see shedding of some of your natural lashes, this is completely normal as they will shed anyways. If you are removing and caring for your lashes with care, any shedding is not due to the removal process, it is due to the natural lash shedding cycle. 

During the removal process, please be gentle and patient. Allow the removal product to be generously applied for an easy and efficient removal process.

Read the in-depth Lash Removal Guide