For a safe & efficient removal process, please follow these steps:

1. Place an under-eye gel pad under your eyes to protect your face from getting dirty

2. Close your eyes while removing

3. Going in a downward motion, gently brush the remover formula generously through your lashes until the lash segments slide off. You may also brush on a generous amount of the remover formula on your lashes and wait up to 30 seconds for the formula to set in before wiping the lashes away.

4. Repeat to remove any excess adhesive and lashes 

*Please Note: Our natural lashes are always shedding as they are in constantly in a natural lash cycle in which you may see some of your natural lashes come off during the removal process. If you are removing and caring for your lashes with care, any potential shedding is not due to the removal process. We highly recommend being gentle while generously using the removal product while removing.

If you are planning to apply a new set of lashes on, please make sure to cleanse. your eye to ensure the eyes are completely free of the remover formula.

To re-use your Lash Anatomy lashes:

  • Lash cleanser formulated for lashes
  • Isopropanol alcohol