To get the most use out of your Lash Anatomy lashes, you must care and clean for them properly. We recommend cleaning your lashes in-between uses. If you've removed your lashes with an oil based removal product, please make sure to cleanse them to ensure they are free of oil before applying again.

To re-use your Lash Anatomy lashes:

  • Lash cleanser formulated for lashes
  • Isopropanol alcohol

Step 1. Soak your lash clusters in isopropanol alcohol

Step 2. Use a tweezer, micoswab or a lash brush to remove the glue residue 

Step 3. Use a lash cleanser to clean any remaining residue off the lash clusters

Step 4. Rinse the lash clusters

Step 5. Allow lash clusters to dry

Step 6. Use a lash brush to fluff the lash clusters out