1. Ensure your natural lashes are clean and free from oils, residues & etc.

2. Brush or tap a coat of the "Secure" formula underneath your natural lashes where the roots are. Emphasize the area of the root because this is where your lash clusters will attach. 

Please Note: The bond is very sticky so a little goes a long way. If you brush all the way to your natural lashes' tips, it could get clumpy.

Preparing your Lashes

3. Cut your lash ribbon into equal segments beforehand and carefully pick up


4. If you'd like extra hold: Apply the bond directly to the top of the lash cluster's band (this is where your lash cluster will attach underneath). 

5. Using your tweezers, carefully place each lash segment underneath your natural lashes as close as you can to the waterline without actually touching it

6. Repeat the lashing process and stack lashes until you get your desired look

If you want a natural look, one layer of lashes should suffice. If you want a more dramatic look, 2-3 layers of stacking should suffice.

Please Note: If you applied correctly, you should not be able to feel the lashes at all. It should feel exactly like lash extensions. If it's uncomfortable, you did not apply correctly and we suggest to remove & and try again to avoid discomfort.


7. Apply the "Super Seal" formula only to the area that bond was applied (roots). Do not apply the seal to the entire lash as it will make the lashes clump together and lose its fluffy effect.

8. Once the lashes are in place, gently clamp the lashes together using the tweezer

Extra Tip: Apply the Super Seal to the area on your tweezers that clamp together. This helps the tweezer not get stuck to the bond from your lashes.


Place a gel pad under your eyes and close your eyes. In a downward motion, gently brush the remover formula generously through your lashes until the lash segments are removed