1. Ensure your natural lashes are clean

2. Brush a light coat of the "Secure" formula underneath your natural lashes from root to tip

3. Wait a few seconds for the formula to set in (20-30 seconds)


4. Cut your lash ribbon into equal segments beforehand and carefully pick up

5. Using your tweezers, carefully place each lash segment underneath your natural lashes as close as you can to the waterline without actually touching it

6. Repeat the lashing process and stack lashes until you get your desired look

7. Once all the lashes are in place, use your tweezers to clamp them together


8. Once the lashes are in place, gently clamp the lashes together using the tweezer

9. Follow with our "Super Seal" formula to set the lashes


Place a gel pad under your eyes and close your eyes. In a downward motion, gently brush the remover formula generously through your lashes until the lash segments are removed.