Kailani Klusters - Mixed Length Box

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Introducing "Kailani Klusters," our latest innovation inspired by the highly popular and viral lash style "Kailani." Now, you have the opportunity to effortlessly customize your own at-home lash extensions, achieving a striking resemblance to the sought-after mega-volume/russian lash extensions.

*Please Note: The band of this cluster lash is thicker than our usual light weight cluster lashes in order to achieve the fullness of the original “Kailani” lash style without stacking*

Elevate your lash game and unleash your creativity to customize your own unique lash style.

Mix Lengths:

  • 10 mm - D curl
  • 11 mm - D curl
  • 12 mm - D curl
  • 13 mm - D curl
  • 14 mm - D curl
  • 15 mm - D curl
  • 16 mm - D curl

    *Each box includes a mix of lengths (10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm) to suit your preferences.

    Achieve a seamless look when applied with our Lash Anatomy Secure Bond. When it's time to remove the lashes, our Lash Anatomy Remover ensures a hassle-free process. With proper care and cleaning, these lash clusters can be reused multiple times.

    For detailed steps on application, please click here

    Lash Fibre Material: Faux Mink

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