Primp - Lash Clusters

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"Primp” is a plant-fibre based cluster lash. Designed to be ultra-lightweight, fluffy and wispy. Perfect for those who  a subtle and soft look. Pair up these lashes with the rest of our Lash Anatomy Collection products and effortlessly customize your own at-home lash extensions, achieving a striking resemblance to the sought-after lash extensions look. 

Elevate your lash game and unleash your creativity to customize your own unique lash style.

Our clear-banded cluster lashes offer an ultra-light and comfortable feel, giving you the freedom to design your desired lash look with ease.

Mix Lengths:

  • 8 mm 
  • 10 mm 
  • 12 mm 
  • 14 mm 

D Curl:

  • Plant-Fibre based lashes are known for their more pronounced curl

Please Note: Plant fiber-based lashes are delicate and require careful handling if you intend to reuse them. The reusability depends entirely on how gently you treat them.

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