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Re-usable press-on nails 

  • Multi-sized acrylic nails
  • 1 sheet of glue stickers (actual glue nail is not included)

Application Instructions

  1. Find the sizes that best fit your nails and lay them out in the correct order
  2. Gently buff your nails
  3. Wipe and clean your nails
  4. Apply a thin layer of nail glue to your entire nail and place the acrylic nail directly on top (make sure to line up the acrylic nail with your cuticle). If you are using the glue stickers: apply the glue stickers directly on all of your nails (match the stickers to your nail size). Directly place the acrylic nails on top of your nails and line it up with the cuticle. 
  5. Hold the acrylic nail down firmly for 6-10 seconds
  6. Repeat the steps on all fingers


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