Ellipse Premium Lash Trays (Flat Lashes)

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What are ellipse lashes?

  • Ellipse lashes are lashes in which the base of the lash extension is flat and oval shaped. Ellipse lashes allows for a textured, wispy, darker and fuller look without any added weight

Our Volashes eyelash extension trays are designed with the highest quality premium synthetic fibres for you to easily create beautiful sets. Our lash curls are curlier than the standard lash curl which allows your extensions to always stay looking fresh. The darkness of our lashes are darker than the standard lash to create noticeable and beautiful sets. 

  • 16 rows of lashes
  • 9 mm - 15 mm (mixed tray)
  • Lashes are more curled than the standard tray
  • Darker than the standard tray
  • Material: High-quality premium synthetic fibres (vegan/cruelty-free)

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