Ultimate Lash Extensions Training Course ONLY* (ONLINE)

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Volashes' Ultimate Lash Extensions Course is the foundation to doing lash extensions as a lash technician. This detailed and in-depth online course with more than 50+ modules will cover everything you need to know and more. This product is the COURSE ONLY* Upon completion you will receive two certificates. 

How it Works:

After purchasing the course, you will receive an email order confirmation. You will receive another separate email with login information on how to get into the course within a day. 

Course Content

  • Section 1 - Natural Lash Anatomy

Function of Natural Lashes, Natural Lash Lengths & Strength, The Structure of a Natural Lash, Natural Lash Growth, Natural Lash Shedding, The Lash Cycle, Lash Extensions, The Lash Cycle & more

  • Section 2 - Lash Extensions Theory

Lengths, Thicknesses, Different Types of Curls, Different Types of Lash Extensions, Weight & Volume, Different Eye Shapes, Lash Mapping, Lash Retention & more

  • Section 3 - Adhesive Theory

The Main Ingredients, Polymerization, Drying, Curing, Humidity, Temperature & Storage, Formaldehyde, Adhesive Features, The Perfect Drop, Correct Way to Dip the Adhesive, Neutralization, Lash Stickies, The Adhesive in Action & more

  • Section 4 - Allergies & Irritations

The Difference Between Allergies & Irritations 

  • Section 5 - Hygiene & Safety

Pregnant Clients, Sanitization, Disinfection, Sterilization, Disposables, Personal Cleanliness, PH Levels & more

  • Section 6 - Client Consultations

The Consultation Process, Consent Forms & more

  • Section 7 - Product & Equipment Theory

Product, Equipment, Appointment Set Up, Client Set Up & more

  • Section 8 - Client Preparation 

Before the Appointment, During the Appointment, Lash Baths, Taping Methods, Taping Techniques, Removing Tape, Priming & more

  • Section 9 - Application

Grabbing your Extensions, Isolation, Placement, Direction, Classic Application Process & more

  • Section 10 - Removal Theory

The Function of a Removal, Removal Methods & more

  • Section 11 - Refill Theory

Grow Outs, Refills, The Difference Between Shedding and Bad Retention

  • Section 12 - Hybrid, Volume & Intro to Mega-Volume

Hybrid Set, Volume & Mega-Volume Weights, The Foundation of Fanning, Symmetry, Body, Base, The Correct Base, Fanning Techniques, Lash Wrapping, Application Involving Fans & more

  • Section 13 - Lash Tech Health

Posture, Eyesight & more

  • Section 14 - Launching your Business

Logos, Social Media, Booking Systems, Marketing, Pricing, Must Have Apps, Supplier List of 5 Verified Suppliers & more


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