V1 - Lash Anatomy Ribbon

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Introducing Volashes' Lash Anatomy Collection; an easy and customizable at-home lash extensions system that allows you to build your own unique lash style. With our newly innovative lash ribbon, you can create your desired lash look that is ultra-light & comfortable. Each lash ribbon has a ribbon of segmented clustered lashes.

Simply cut the lash ribbon down to your desired length and apply with our Lash Anatomy Secure Bond for a professional finish that can last up to 4 days or be removed with ease using our Lash Anatomy Remover. Lash ribbons can be re-used and wear up to multiple times with proper care & cleaning.

For detailed steps on application, please click here

Customer Reviews

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listennn im a hot girl that's always in the gym so getting lash extensions doesn't makes sense but this!!! these give the same look and are so quick and easy, in love 10/10 recommend

Faith Ashlie
I love these lashes

I was super concerned my super curly blonde eyelashes would cause issues with this product, but I connected with the company on instagram who immediately said they would try to find a model to show what the lashes would look like on someone with eyelashes similar to mine. I was super impressed with the inclusivity and I just really wanted to try it despite seeing it on a model so I took the plunge and ordered the set. Let me tell you, this was the easiest lash application I’ve ever experienced, even out of regular glue lashes and magnetic lashes. I can’t tell you how amazing these look and it took me less than 5 minutes MY FIRST TRY to get them on. I’m raving but I am absolutely OBSESSED. You have to try these!!! I feel so beautiful and confident.

Thank you so much Volashes!! You have the absolute best customer service and product. I truly felt like whoever I was communicating with truly cared about educating me and answering my questions as a first time user of this style of lash. I am a huge fan and I can’t say it enough! Thank you so much!!!

Alyssa Tran

they’re so comfortable, lightweight and soft! i’ve gotten so many compliments on how they look like real extensions. i really like how flexible they are and how lightweight they are, sometimes i forgot i’m even wearing them

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