The Business Blueprint - Starting a Successful Lash Product Line E-Book

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If you want to build a successful lash product line and brand, my Business Branding Blueprint Ebook (250+ pages) is here to guide you through every step. Learn how I scaled my small business from an initial $500 investment in inventory to over $100k in just one year and counting. Please note, the information in this ebook can be applied to other niches.

Topics Include:

Lash Market Analysis & Research, Factors Affecting Growth, Factors Driving Growth

Defining your Niche

Different Niches in the False Lash Industry, Different Niches in the Lash Extensions Industry, Defining Your Niche, Target Customers for Each Niche

Mission Statement

Crafting a Mission Statement, Business Values, Unique Selling Proposition, Brand Identity

Branding Elements

Brand, Branding, Brand Identity, Buyer Personas, Logo, Design, Typography, Colour Palette, Form & Shape, Brand Voice, Digital Presence and Website

Sourcing Quality Products

How to Select a High Quality Vendor, Quality Control, Building a Relationship with your Vendor, Supplier Terms, Private Labelling, Inventory Investment

Pricing Strategies

Types of Profit Margins, Different Types of Pricing Strategies, External Factors into Pricing, Case Study Pricing Examples, Average Order Value

Sales Funnel

Stages in a Sales Funnel, Importance of a Sales Funnel

Marketing Strategies

Types of Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email, SMS, Influencer Marketing, SEO Marketing, Public Relations), Viral Analytics Case Studies, Instagram & Reel Virality, Types of Video Hooks & Ideas

Personal Branding

Executing Personal Branding for Your Business, Importance of Personal Branding, Personal Branding Case Studies

Email & SMS Marketing

Building a Sales Funnel by Utilizing SMS & Email Marketing, Flow Automation, Email & SMS Marketing Apps

Developing your Website on Shopify

Domain, Website Host, Website Design, Legal Policies, Payments, Products, Shipping, Pricing, Costs, SEO Optimization, Launch, Promote, Monitor

Shipping Fundamentals

Elements of Shipping, Rates, Insurance & Tracking, Potential Shipping Problems & Solutions, Shipping Policies, Taxes & Duties, Shipping Materials, Shipping Supply Vendors

Must Have Applications for Shopify

Overview of Shopify Applications that Convert Sales, Benefits

Must Have Editing Apps for Social Media

Editing Applications for Social Media Content Creation, How to Edit Product Photos

Challenges & Set Backs

Chargebacks, Preventing Chargebacks, How to Protect Your Business, Shopify Fraud Analysis Overview, Chargeback Case Studies & Lessons

Small Business Legal Aspects

Business Legal Aspects in Canada & America, Types of Businesses, Taxes, Rules & Regulations

Business Plan

How to Craft Your Business Plan




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